We are a young, dynamically developing team full of passion and grand ambitions. Our rich experience and years of practice prompted us to create a team whose paramount goal is to work hard and conscientiously, which is supported by effectiveness and measurable results.

Determined to brave the odds of the job market, we have set ourselves a goal to help both employers and sensible job seekers. Therefore, we focused our activity on recruiting employees from countries located in southeast Asia.

At the present time we have the base of about 1000 candidates who would like to take up employment in your company. Yes – in YOUR company. Because it doesn't matter whether your activity operates within food, construction or garment industry. In our base there can always be found candidates suitable to your needs. We know no barrier. We see and evaluate people individually.

Learn more about how our work and individual approach to our clients can help you build a winning team you deserve.

Green Bridge is a guarantee of:

♦ Professionalism – our team is straightforward and professional. The way we care about delegating right people to fulfil right tasks is what distinguishes and defines us.

♦ Effectiveness – our promise of quick responce involves quality and scrupulousness. Thanks to our partners we are certain that we provide service which will trully meet your expectations.

♦ Reliability – we will find a right employee for every position. Our success is people and our misson is to provide perfect personal solutions.
♦ Good name – we have a reputation of delivering service of the finest quality. Our team manages candidates pursuant to specified criteria. We treat your needs seriously, considering and testing every candidate of your preference.

♦ Scrupulousness – We are loyal to the long-term goals of our clients and comply to the highest standards in everything we do. We consider our job done only if you are satisfied with it.