Green Bridge is active in the recruitment of candidates from Southeast Asian countries. We work with local business partners exclusively. They run one of the largest and longest operating companies of this type on the local market. The company's authorities (including the Bangladeshi national) thanks to cooperation with local entities and frequent business visits in this part of the world (as one of the few employment agencies we have a branch in Bangladesh) know very well the specifics, challenges and needs of that market.


Our recruitment specialists cover various fields and areas of activity, and our services and standards are demanding. If you are looking for an employee, we can adapt it to your needs, saving time and stress. All our candidates are strictly checked and prepared by us to talk to the consul to maximize the number of visas received. We deal comprehensively with the logistics of bringing an employee to Poland, we support the process of getting appointments to meet with the consul at the Embassy, ​​as well as possible appeals from the consul's negative decision.

How we operate, step by step:


Step 1: During our first meeting we determine what kind of employee you are looking for and how many employees you are going to need. We also conclude a contract agreeing upon conditions of our further cooperation.

Step 2: You receive scans of personal documents of people who are eventually going to be employed by your company.

Step 3: Next stage is for your company to prepare a contract covering all conditions of employment and to file an application for work permit for a foreigner at the appropriate bureau. Green Bridge, as an intermediary recruitment company, offers free help with preparation of the said contract and any applications needed.

Step 4: Once the work permits are issued, our company sends them complete with original conditional contracts to Asia where employees receive a set of documents required to apply for a work visa in the Embassy of the Republic of Poland. Whole process and its logistics are supervised by our agent in Asia who informs us on visa deicisions and possible appeals.

Step 5: After visa is obtained, all that remains is to bring the worker to Poland (which we also take care of) and complete the formalities, i.e. sign contract of employment/contract of mandate. You affiliate the employee in 1-2 days after their arrival in Poland (they take a rest, we provide them with a SIM card to help them stay in touch with their family, we open a bank account for them if necessary, we organise orientation meeting/social outing and also conduct a training session on cultural differences and savoir-vivre rules).