Below we present general principles settlements, which we propose as part of cooperation:


♦ You are the employer/user, Green Bridge takes the brunt of hiring an employee,

Obligations on the side of the employer/user as well as legal constraints are regulated by appropriate provisions,

♦ Cooperation with Green Bridge is based on a contract, in which parties agree upon the type of work and estimated number of employees,

♦ Average waiting time for an employee is from 3 to 6 months,

♦ Green Bridge covers the costs of visa and transport of an employee to Poland,

♦ We stipulate the average monthly work time as 160 hrs,

♦ Hourly rates start at 15,73 zloty gross,

♦ An option to provide worker’s hostel and transport to the workplace,

♦ Guaranteed 30 days of starting time  – with an option to verify employees’ skills and abilities.

*) With specified types of work and terms of agreement

flexible rules of settlement – no problems related to logistics and work organization – starting time